boboiboy | super mario

This time last year, I was in Red OG, aka Boboiboy. That was the starting point of my social life in the Imperial community. I met people with all sorts of backgrounds, preferences and interests. I had OGLs of many different types as well, from different cliques, with different working styles. Our first OG outing after Sojourn was at Teo Heng. Slowly I found my own place within my own OG. When we all headed to London, I formed a cooking group with my fellow OG mates who stayed in the same hall cluster as me. Over the months we had people entering and leaving the cooking group; but glad to have remained in contact with them and a couple of my OG mates. As for the rest, however, we slowly drifted apart as the drag of student life set in place.

This year, I am back in Red OG, but as an OGL and our OG name is now Super Mario. My previous OG mate is the current OG head, and my fellow OGLs are some of the craziest, funniest, nicest people I could ever ask for. My OG kids have all sorts of backgrounds, preferences and interests too, and by coincidence or not, our first OG outing today is at Teo Heng as well.

One thing I learnt over the past year is to never judge anything too quickly; so right now I won’t predict whether my new OG will be such a close-knit group a few months, many months, or even a few years later down the road. Keeping an OG together, as with keeping all other human relationships together, requires a lot of effort, sincerity, genuine care, to some extent the friends form of love and concern. From the looks of my OG, however, one thing I definitely know is that I would want the best for my OG kids and OGLs. A lot of ups and downs would set in place once the school term starts; I want my OG kids to know that the OG is there as the most basic pillar of support for them. I want my OG to be not just a group of friends who have fun when they come together, but a group of friends who would sincerely care for one another even as time passes.

Have fun today, Super Mario 🙂

By the way, I really miss playing in guitar ensemble…



CAM00055  I put the photo here because it’s nice.

There’re many things that I want to do to improve myself, but they have all been random thoughts that pop out of my mind after a while. So while waiting for dry run photos to download I shall list them these activities down, to help myself with future planning (and stop myself from fantasizing too wildly).


– Read about different forms of leadership

– Read about regional and international relations

– Learn tips on how to keep myself awake

– Keep up an actual learning journal

– Read more books

– Manage my time better


– Pick up the guitar again

– Learn skateboarding

– Learn to cycle

– Learn dance

– Learn how to pitch properly

– Keep up with netball

– Improving my defence tactics in netball

– Learn the erhu

– Do basic aeromodelling

– Learn gliding

– Learn first aid

– Learn proper programming


– Do actual gymming in the gym

– Train up for running (target: 10km by the next AHM)

– Learn basic home remedies and TCM


– Be more social and speak up more

– Read books on effective conversations

– Read on how to create lasting first impressions


– Watch more dramas

– Watch documentaries

– Learn HTML

– Learn how to take nicer photos

– Do a solo road trip

– Do constant reflection journalling (it really helps!)


Sojourn in 4 days’ time (including today)! Excited much 🙂

happy 49th birthday Singapore!

Anddd it’s been a long while since I last posted here 😛 On this special day I just feel like posting this old video here. First time celebrating National Day as a overseas student returning home for summer break, it’s the experiences from studying and travelling overseas that made me look at Singapore through different lenses, and realise how beautiful my home really is. 🙂

Also, happy birthday Daddy! It’s awesome to have a dad with the same birthday as my homeland ❤ here’s to many more happy and prosperous years for my dad and my country!