3 down, 6 to go!

6 more papers to end of exam season 🙂 The two papers next week are probably some of the harder ones, so I hope I can survive through these!

Self-motivation time:

  • 5 days to SFP (excluding today) (ZOMG)
  • 5 days to publishing of Sotong Guide 1 (ZOMGGG)
  • 17 days to end of exams
  • 41 days to going home ❤

happy mother’s day

As I grow up, I realise I increasingly resemble my mum. In terms of looks, because sometimes I look at photos of myself and think I see a part of her in them; in terms of mind, because she plays a huge role in shaping how I think and see the world.

As I grow up, I realise there are many things my mum tries to teach me, things I may not necessarily understand given my level of maturity at that instant. There are definitely times when we disagree with our mums on stuff. We may not necessarily agree with them all the time, but a few years down the road, we look back and realise where they were coming from when they nagged at us, or gave us the silent treatment for mistakes we thought were not mistakes.

As I grow up, I realise no matter how old I may be, my mum is still one of my greatest pillars of support; and increasingly, I will be her pillar of support too.

Happy Mother’s Day, my dear mummy ❤ I wish you happiness, not just for today, but for every single day. 🙂



the songs i sing, the music i hear

Recently I have been listening to a lot of youtube artistes’ covers of pop songs, a capella groups, Chinese singing competition-shows that involve lots of harmonising, old classics, old classics in Mandarin, etc etc. Songs that really puts your singing prowess to the test. Songs that I think we would be more than happy to attempt at Kbox XD Songs that make me sing aloud in my room and want to improve my singing for.

On a side note, it’s 2 down, seven to go! Or more like, two cleared, seven to go 🙂 good news is always good, keeps me going!