last day of january

It’s the last day of January. Which also means I have 2 weeks of freedom left. Oh dear, January passed way too quickly..

Went to gym today, really tired now. Ate dinner like a hungry pig too.


OMG THIS IS SIMPLY PRECIOUS 😀 I want to sleep like this~

And my new glasses look weird on me ._.

Self reminder to finish the admissions exercise soon! Then it’ll be time for CNY 😀



Ironic thing is, during my schooling days my Current Affairs were cmi (thus the GP woes). But after A levels I became alot more updated on current issues.


On another note, I seriously feel like a snake lol. I mean, having not-so-red shoulders and a scab over my wound is a good thing. But now the dead and dry skin is flaking off my arms. I’m glad to have new pink and healthy skin underneath it, but having white flakes flying off my arms isn’t a very pleasant sight.

And the worst thing is, I still cannot wear a shirt to cover it.


I need to clear my H2 stuff off my desk soon. 😛

je tourne en rond

I blog because I’m bored 😛 My sunburnt shoulders are getting more swollen, and I can easily sleep for 10+ hours a day. This is disturbing.

Anyways, sorry for not being there when you needed me ): Luckily everything sort of resolved itself, otherwise I won’t forgive myself for neglecting you. From now on treasure the friendship between the two of you, yep? (:

And, happy birthday (: Stay happy, don’t overwork yourself (go home now!!), and hope to see you soon so that I can pass you the birthday present. It’s time I give you a proper present after all these years.

This video never fails to intrigue me. When you are bored, you turn round and round; when you face a problem you can’t solve, you turn round and round too.


inner child!


Singapore skyline? Haha close enough, this was taken at the Mini World in Legoland! Yep I was at Legoland with a few other friends, to get in touch with our inner child 😀

Feels good to play with lego all over again. All the matching of different-coloured lego bricks, refusing to use the yellow ones because I don’t like yellow (lol), stacking them in an artistic manner, ‘oh dear my tower is turning into a boat’… hahah (:

DSCF7920                 DSCF7934

(think my camera exposure was too high. But yay it has abit of the DSLR feel)

And the roller coasters! I think this was actually my first time on a full-scale roller coaster (previous times were on mini ones), and most of the time my head was down 😛 It was fun nonetheless (: (‘Again again again again!’)


(We conquered this thing!)

And then, reunion with friends. Some are quite close, some are not so close… but still we had a great time together. (:


Had a great day! But now I’m a lobster. Shoulders burning from the sunburn, lolol. -Brings out Red Indian mini lego model-

life as an 无业游民

Is quite enjoyable, although I’m not really used to it. 😛

Haha I won’t be exactly idling around either. What was supposed to be my stay-at-home day is actually all the time I have left to prepare for USP interview and internship presentation – all of which are tomorrow :O And then it’ll be Legoland trip on Saturday yayay 😀 大扫除, prep for CNY, lots of shopping to do… and from Valentines’ Day onwards, I’ll be employed again 😛

Shall just take a good break these three weeks, while catching up with general things. Like current affairs and possibly a headstart in bioengineering. To all my friends who’re currently working, JIAYOUS 😀

A song I listened to super long ago. Aiyo what’s with me flipping out all the old songs… but it never fails to trance me, yep.


ISYF D&D tonight. Shall wear nice dress and put some light makeup… while I still have the chances to do so. Haha.




Visiting my ISYF groupmates at their amazing race today was nostalgic much. But then Yuanzhi has a point I guess. I shouldn’t hand-hold them too much, for their greater good. Looking forward to D&D though!

The whole of this week is jam-packed, wishing myself all the best (:

End of internship. Signing of letters. D&D. USP interview. Legoland trip. (Possible) girls’ outing.

these days

It seems like quite a number of friends are making their blogs private these days. It feels weird… like losing the ticket for entry into the depths of their lives. Not exactly like a door closed in your face, more like a door that autolocked when you forgot to keep it open.

First batch of interns finished work yesterday. Suddenly I realise how much I’ll miss them… it took me quite a while to open up to them, and a few weeks later *poof* they’re gone. I need a new left-side tablemate haha. And someone talkative to keep the interns’ area noisy! :O Then again, I only have 2 days of work left… gosh I’ll miss dabaoing lunch to pantry and talking rubbish with them 😦

2 days of work left. Must make it worthwhile!

And and, I picked up my guitar again. Feels great 😀 I shall aim to get those familiar calluses back on my fingers.