a new me


Early tomorrow morning, I’ll be setting off for a journey like never before, a road less taken. I’m very sure I’ll emerge as a different person; let’s just treat this as the start of a new me, the growth of my old being.

See you guys in two weeks’ time! 🙂 wish me all the luck! And for those whom I’m supposed to give my new phone number to, I should have done so by now. (Poke me asap if I haven’t!)



新年 | 新情 | 心情


Went around to 拜年 today! Got quite a number of angbaos and ate alot of good food. (:

Now that 初一 is almost over, it’s almost time to start packing and getting myself mentally prepared. Mmm.


chinese zodiac

十二生肖的可爱小动物给大家拜年咯!玉蛇报喜贺新春,祝大家在新的一年里万事如意、事事顺心、身体健康、步步高升、生活甜甜蜜蜜、快快乐乐、天天心情愉快! 😀

Here’s a Happy and Prosperous New Year for all of us 😀


Cut my hair today, now it’s short. Really short. Like, above collar type of short. And there goes the long hair that I’ve kept for 6 years.

Really brings pain to my heart. But it’s a new beginning I guess.

There are so many things I want to do in the next week! One week of freedom left I want to make it worthwhile 😀 Shop for CNY clothes, eat nice food, visit my alma mater, do some last-minute shopping, try swimming abit, run 2.4, wear dress (tho I donno if it’ll match with my short hair)…