those halcyon days

Nice meeting an old friend today to watch my sister’s choir musical. In case my sis reads this and couldn’t register what I said to her last night cos she was too tired, to my beloved little sis: I’m so proud of you ^^ you had come such a long way in the performing arts scene, from the moment you joined choir in Sec 1 to taking on a rather important role today during the performance. Continue doing what you love, and remember that you have my support all the way! (:

Some others things I learnt today:

– Interesting how much I changed over the course of half a year. I became “more serious”? Really? O.O But I was quite surprised when he said he had to act serious cos I appeared serious lol. Then again, one hour later I was slowly transiting back to the girl I used to be back in school. So yep, inherently I’m the same person, it’s just that I shield it too well 😛

– It sounds abit far-fetched at first, but after thinking properly about it I realised he actually sort of created a new way to look at the world :O Then I thought some more; isn’t that how religious theories are created? Wow.

– Classic musicals connect best with the heart and soul at times :3

Long day tomorrow, so I shall go sleep. Basically out the whole day; looking forward to it (:


waffles and ice cream

One important thing I learnt from CLD course is the importance of appreciating the little things in life. Not that I haven’t been doing so already, but I have been led to realise how little of the details in my life history that I actually took note of.

Until now my old blog posts still never fail to surprise me. Like, wow I actually used to think like that?

So from now on I would make a conscientious effort to count my blessings, stop and smell the flowers – because I am indeed one lucky girl. (:

waffles and icecream

Argh too bad my phone no camera so I couldn’t take picture.. but this is the closest I could get to the real thing. ^_^


The sun, the sand and the sea (: Uni orientation camp was surprisingly shag and exhausting, but also incredibly fun. Met a bunch of super awesome OG mates too! Glad to see in advance some of the company I can seek in the Imperial Singaporean family (:

Let’s meet up in SG before we leave for UK, and in London when we’re there k? I see some potential lunch kakis already HAHA!


On another note, need to pack again soon for pre-departure course. Camp after camp, shag sia…


11S7B <3


Class outing yesterday was pure awesome! Fun fun fun at Siloso beach and teoheng after that ^^ All the sun and sea, ultimate captains ball and our phail volleyball skills, gourmet cupcakes, throwing ball and frisbee around in the sea; and then class choir over a mic that kept on spoiling lol.

It just brings back so much memories from JC days. So many random class outings we had around the country back then; playing basketball after class; singing for PW; being disiao at class bench and during tutorials. Above all of that, however, would be the very fact that bulk of my JC experience was spent with this very special group of ppl. The bittersweetness of mugging for A levels and tracking our progress throughout the two years (with abit of competition here and there haha XD), the trying not to fall asleep and answering one another’s questions during lectures, the interactions we had with our tutors… it’s almost a year since we graduated, but all these scenes come alive in my memories once in a while (:

Watched That Girl in Pinafore some time back. Apart from the fact that I cried during the movie… The nostalgia just hit again, as I watched the ‘students’ go about their daily school life in an adapted version of the hc school uniform. Couldn’t help it but wonder what I would want to include in the movie if I could remake it such that it depicts hc life?

I’d probably include a time lapse of us reporting to school for morning assembly, how the earlier peeps would come at 6.30am and sleep at class bench or try to study. The time I was studying at top floor early in the morning and saw a guy sitting against a wall playing the guitar. The morning announcements on the bridge; Mr Thomas getting his daily dose of coffee at fishtank. The tehbing from the canteen drink stall; the beeline we would make for fried food Friday. That huge myriad of school shirts omg haha so colourful (: 开工 at huangcheng, the ‘道具开饭!’ at 7pm when we get our dabaoed ‘green plate’. Hiding in guitar room after school hours to play some new tunes on the school guitar. Attempts to stargaze in school cos central plaza is just so empty at night. Camping at SRC to do research, study, hang out with fellow SMTP/ISYF ppl, filming for SSRC exco elections, pretending to be ‘elements’ 😛 The last few days of formal lessons, when we walked around school during Chem tutorial to take class pics. Mr How singing his very own 7B song for our class montage. Graduation and the photospamming after that. Coming to school for A level papers, all the last-minute mugging and chilling. Going home with Sarah and Songhao after A level papers. My first MAF as an alumnus. Coming back to school for A level results, all the tears and laughter and nostalgia.

Will this story continue? Hopefully, because I wish that 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now, 11S7B will still meet up like this for a class outing at least once a year, to reminisce the good old days and update one another on our lives, and just have fun like how we did back in our JC days. You guys had formed such a huge influence on my life; I may stash you all deeper into my heart to make space for more good days to come, but I’ll never forget you, my one and only JC class.

Thank you all, for everything you’ve given me in the past two years. ❤