*pops party poppers and champagne bottle*

Well to be honest this break isn’t much of a break, with the crazy work list I’ll be working with. But hey, at least I can wake up at 9 instead of 7 XD Can’t wait for SG day (tomorrow!) and Europe trip!! Finally phewww


2 days more

As much as I’m looking forward to spring break and spring trip, sometimes I do wonder if I booked the trains/hotels for travelling or for doing practice exam papers.

time seriously flies in spring term

So fast mid-March already. Suddenly I thought of a question for myself: how do I count my days here? Is it by the number of courseworks I completed/got back (reminds me I have another one to submit on Monday), the cups of coffee I drank, the length of my growing ponytail, the number of mechanics quizzes we had, etc? The number of days after exco elections? The number of pancakes I make every weekend for brunch?

Speaking of pancakes, I realised I have been turning into a huge foodie… as though my life revolves round food now o.o my facebook has an unhealthy proportion of posts related to food, I seek great pleasure in planning my meals, I find it uncanny to not munch on something while doing work. Not good man, not good. I need a mindset change… or something to fill up my life. Something worth forgetting my meals for.

But then again, I guess I should treasure my relatively free-er days. Guess they won’t last that long… Not that I’m complaining though. I like being busy 🙂

Finally stepped into a proper bio lab in uni today. Micropipetting and photospectrometry, not new stuff (though I’m appalled by my own degraded lab skills), but brings back so much beautiful memories of JC life. I am so looking forward to Gram staining next week! 😀 I remember how I first learnt Gram staining in Sec 1 (by chance, really), and then 4 years later I taught Gram staining to a bunch of Primary 4/5 students at a science camp. Avid memories of me chasing after kids who tried to light their own alcohol lamps and touch the oil immersion lenses 😛 (‘We do the heat passing together ok?’ *waits for lab assistants to check their microscope slides* ‘Ready… *passes slides through alcohol flame on each count* one, two, three. Very good!’) I like how the lab brought up so much nostalgia. Guess after all these days, I still miss the days I spent in SRC…

And I have to say, thank goodness for a good lab partner 🙂

Now that spring is here and I’m actually finding it abit too warm here (._.), it’s time to shop for spring clothes and renew my wardrobe 😀