CAM00055  I put the photo here because it’s nice.

There’re many things that I want to do to improve myself, but they have all been random thoughts that pop out of my mind after a while. So while waiting for dry run photos to download I shall list them these activities down, to help myself with future planning (and stop myself from fantasizing too wildly).


– Read about different forms of leadership

– Read about regional and international relations

– Learn tips on how to keep myself awake

– Keep up an actual learning journal

– Read more books

– Manage my time better


– Pick up the guitar again

– Learn skateboarding

– Learn to cycle

– Learn dance

– Learn how to pitch properly

– Keep up with netball

– Improving my defence tactics in netball

– Learn the erhu

– Do basic aeromodelling

– Learn gliding

– Learn first aid

– Learn proper programming


– Do actual gymming in the gym

– Train up for running (target: 10km by the next AHM)

– Learn basic home remedies and TCM


– Be more social and speak up more

– Read books on effective conversations

– Read on how to create lasting first impressions


– Watch more dramas

– Watch documentaries

– Learn HTML

– Learn how to take nicer photos

– Do a solo road trip

– Do constant reflection journalling (it really helps!)


Sojourn in 4 days’ time (including today)! Excited much 🙂


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