Now that exams are over it’s time to implement the post-exam plans. I guess the euphoria isn’t as strong because of all the additional duties I have now.


  • Catch up on reading
  • Plan trips to Portsmouth and Bath
  • Sweden!
  • ICSS classifieds (CSS programming)
  • Sojourn/UKBound stuff
  • Update myself on current issues in Singapore
  • Sotong Guide 2 (includes photos to take)
  • IPPT
  • Housing stuff (contract + moving in + settling other people’s moving in)
  • Baking and cooking~
  • Wet labs
  • Shopping!

On a side note, I want to protect those around me. Some real-life incidents sound like storylines for movies or documentaries, but they are real and happening around us all the time.


last push, and then happy days

Quite literally the last push now! Last paper to go, jiayou everyone!

I can’t believe May passed just like that. So much has happened… I probably learnt more about my coursemates than I ever did in the past two terms. And once the exams are over June will pass even more quickly with all the post-exam plans, and soon I’ll be back in Singapore again. It seems somewhat surreal :O