two days before i kena confine again

21 Ways to be a Better Friend

1. Call, text, or email a friend that you’ve been meaning to talk to and simply tell them, “I love you” or “I miss you.”

2. Visit or send flowers to a friend who is sick or just needs some TLC lately.

3. Tell your friends the truth but always do it from a place of love. Remember this little gem, “Love without truth is abandonment. Truth without love is cruelty.”

4. Listen to your friends when they just need to vent. Don’t try and fix it unless they ask. Just listen.

5. Be respectful when their choices for themselves are not always what you want for them.

6. If their choices are harming them, confront them with compassion.

7. Be genuinely happy for them when something good happens to them.

8. Show up when they need you whether it’s to a birthday get-together or an important event for work.

9. Don’t talk shit about them when they’re not around. Rule of thumb: Would you say what you’re about to say if they were sitting next to you?

10. Send a card or hand-written letter just because you love and appreciate them. (If you do this, you are automatically up for friend of the year.)

11. When criticizing, make sure it’s done constructively.

12. Sympathize with their weaknesses. Remember that you are not perfect and they have to put up with your shortcomings.

13. Don’t ever try to steal their thunder or spotlight. One-upping is tacky.

14. Get them out of their comfort zone in a way that won’t make them hate you for all eternity. (Because they’ll probably hate you in the moment.)

15. When they need to cry, provide your shoulder.

16. Always respect their feelings even if you don’t quite understand them.

17. Don’t tag them in pictures or posts on social media that you know they’ll be uncomfortable with.

18. Keep their secrets. Honestly, it is not hard keeping your mouth shut. You know what’s hard? Gaining people’s confidence once it’s lost.

19. Don’t treat your friends like possessions. Sometimes, you have to let them do their thing without you.

20. Don’t ever make a pass at their ex (without their permission). Ever.

21. Take care of yourself, communicate your needs and wants to your friends, and remember that they are not mind-readers.

That’s a nice guide (:

This time two years ago, I visited SAFTI MI with my JC classmates to see what OCS is like. I had absolutely no idea what NS is like back then, because I don’t have any male siblings and my newfound male friends were not yet so hyped up about what they want to do in the service. My female friend jokingly said that she didn’t mind joining the army because the facilities at SAFTI MI are, honestly speaking, good. And never did I have the notion of signing on back then, so I just laughed with her.

Two years down the road, I’m the one booking into SAFTI MI as an officer cadet. Never really imagined this turn of events… To me, BMTC had been a really comfortable home (save for the unstable weather); it would take some time for me to readjust to SAFTI and make myself a home there.

On another note, packing for OCS is tough ah 😛



Ahaha so I spent a good part of my block leave at chalet with a bunch of awesome people from all walks of life! 😀

– Reached Downtown East at 4pm plus/minus on Wednesday. Someone was fashionably late as usual…

– Tried to use random card as substitute for key card but failed lol

– Realised that the couches could be expanded to become beds

– Watched Sherlock Holmes, ended up with some of us concussing on the bed o.o

– Went out to walk around in the night, sat next to beach and HTHT-ed. A group of policemen and policewomen came to us and asked for our ICs, they totally tio stunned when they saw mine 😛 Ended up having some discussion on army life.

– Back at chalet to play cards, = witnessing Alexa’s epic card-playing gestures! Bridge had never been this entertaining before XD

– I slept first because I had an interview the next day. Heard the guys singing army songs lullaby-style, which totally had the opposite effect XD

– Woke up at 6+ with a super itchy arm cos of all the mosquito bites. Went back to sleep and woke up again at 7+

– Breakfast at macs. Left for interview soon after.

– Reached NUS at 12.15pm, wayy before the allocated interview timing. Sat at the cafe at Engineering building (which used to be the cafe in my school! :O) and tried to find articles on bioengineering + defence.

– Got called in for interview at 1.50-ish, turned out to be a massive interrogation on 1. why I applied for a double-degree, and 2. why I’m in the army.

– Finished interview at 2.20pm feeling super screwed. Wandered around and got lost until 3pm.

– Back at Downtown East at 4+pm. Dinner + bowling after that. Screwed up epicly at first (5 gutters in a row wth) but quantum leapt in the second game! And with Alexa’s qigong + ZX’s ‘L-shape’ which only works half the time! XD

– Watched Perks of Being A Wallflower while talking to 3 people on fb chat lol. Then slept while listening to music.

– Woke up earlier to run, got epicly lost in Pasir Ris park.

– Came back for breakfast. By then the other girls had left so we started talking about army postings.

– Helped the guys return bikes.

– Came back. And going out again in 1 hour’s time…

Time to start packing my duffel bag rawr. Before that, nice songs are worth sharing! 🙂



(credits to my platoon mate’s bf)

I was thinking if I should do one of my long and sentimental posts for BMT reflections. But I decided that’s not exactly my style this time. The only thing I shall say is that the moment after POP when I hugged my mom on the floating platform, in my smart 4 and jockey cap and field pack and all, I burst into tears. Out of relief or joy or sorrow or what, I’m not sure.

BMT was definitely not an easy journey; yet, at the end of it all, I decided that I won’t ever want to forget about it. Never in my army career, or even my life.