approaching the end of spring break

– 3 days of spring break left (including today)

– 6 days to first paper of summer term

– 22 days to first exam of summer term

– 29 days to SFP

– 41 days to last exam of summer term!

– 65 days to going home!

Last weekend of spring break and I’m not sure if I’m that prepared for exams. Being truthful to myself, I think I studied a decent bit. I did past year papers, leaving one paper per subject to be done as mock papers before the actual paper, and I tried dividing my time evenly among the 7 subjects / 9 papers I have to prepare for. Totally made me wonder how I managed to juggle 8 subjects in secondary school… but then again I can’t just compare like this because the content we learn in uni is harder? I find it harder to commit things to memory now though… like I can read through the same set of notes 4/5 times and still not remember what was written in it 😦

Some serious memory work needed here.

Ah well. Other than that my life had pretty much been monotonous. Minus the fact that my housemates and I found a house! ❤ looking forward to moving out of hall already 🙂

Oh, and I picked up the badminton racket again yesterday, after a hiatus of.. one year? I want to pick up badminton again. It’s one of the few sports I can actually (or used to) play decently.


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