amidst the busy life

cny montageThe montage is kind of tiny but it sums up what my first CNY abroad is like! Being away from home means that we have to actively plan stuff to do on CNY, even when there’s not much of a festive mood around us. And I had my fair share of fun too! 除夕 dinner with hall friends, Singsoc annual CNY dinner, tangyuan for breakfast on 初一, gathering with hallmates on 初一 night, hosting steamboat for JC friends on 初二, eating at OC for the first time (with lots and lots of wantons in my noodles :D). Overall, really a not bad CNY. 🙂

Life is getting really busy now, with all the courseworks and ME rehearsals coming in. (Seriously must my coursework be due right before ME…) Staying in school till 10/11pm and sleeping at 1 or 2am almost everyday now. Tiring but I’ll make do, and it’s seriously fulfilling so I’ll survive for the experience!


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