it’s the time of the year again

It’s the of the year again – i.e., the end of the year, again. Typically on this day I would look back at what happened throughout the year, do some sentimental post, review my past resolutions and set new ones for the year ahead. This time I’ll do the same except for the sentiment part. Probably cos too much has happened within such a short time, I have so much to say that I lost track of where to start and where to end lol.

All I would say about the past year is, it had been a long and arduous year, yet it passed a tad too quickly. A route march, a few milestone ceremonies, a handful of letters from overseas, a lot of hellos and goodbyes, a plane flight – and poof, 2013 is almost gone. It is really hard for me to describe how much I have changed this year. Every minute of the year I had been learning something new, be it about myself or the world around me. I found myself playing a lot more new roles, and established more relationships than I had in my two JC years combined – on top of maintaining past ones that I treasure. I weighed and re-weighed my priorities, did more self reflection than I ever had, yet every step I took I realised there is just so much more I could be. Along the way, I had a lot of obstacles thrown towards me, most of which I have never seen before. At the end of the day, however, I decided it is really a matter of building up my inventory of experiences and problem solving skills, while keeping my relationships and emotions in check. (And of course, maintaining my health is of greater priority this year than in previous years too!)

Time to look at the goals I set for myself in 2013:

1) To find out what I really want. – I have a better idea now, but as the rush of uni life takes over I guess I have alot more goal-setting to do in the year ahead.
2) To have a great start at whichever uni I get into! – Imperial is a refreshing change. Yep I sure did! 😀
3) To treasure my family and old friends, while knowing new, worthy friends (: – Which I did as well. Probably more than just worthy friends as well… I have found friends I would want to keep for life.
4) To improve my guitar skills. – Oops hehe. Something to work on from now on, especially since I’m bringing my guitar with me to the UK!
5) To stop being so fleeting in my responses to stimuli. – Now I think I’ve become a little too cold, but when things really get tough my emotions still get the better of me.
6) To learn some form of self-defence. – BCCT! XD
7) To read more extensively. – Could have been even more extensive. Something to work on in 2014.
8) To find a person whom I can really rely on. A guy. HAHAH – Hmm. A guy I can rely on, yes I did. But a boyfriend… I am probably not ready for it. Time to pick myself up and move on, while treasuring what I already have.
9) To be a better listener whom ppl can rely on. (sounds like domino but aiya nvm) – Had a great deal of ‘how to be a good listener’ courses and moments LOL. At least I am a trustworthy friend to quite a number of people, so I guess I accomplished this. 🙂
10) To fulfill my role in SAYES exco and organise more exciting things :D – Hmm… if time could reverse itself I would seriously have done this alot better. What I’m glad of is that I am appreciated for whatever effort I put in. Now I’ve learnt my lessons, and I just look forward to my juniors doing a better job than us. 🙂
11) To keep track of appointments more regularly! – Ehehehehehehe. XD
12) To accept my A level results, regardless of how it turns out. – Fortunately they turned out well, and I realised how lucky I am to have support from a lot of people I love.
13) Last but not least, to come back to Hwa Chong for MAF! :D – I certainly did! So going back again in 2014 XD

Since I’m going off for fireworks soon I can’t set much new year resolutions for 2014 LOL oops >< And anyway I’m not wishing for much this year, really. At least I’m not going to create 14 resolutions just because it’s 2014.

So my new year resolutions for 2014 are…

  • To constantly improve myself. Sounds simple but yeah, I guess this encompasses everything I want to do in 2014. My IQ, EQ, AQ, MQ, even my physical capability… now I would want to move a step above just maintenance, and try punching above my weight.
  • To engage myself in more activities and know more new friends in uni.
  • To cherish and strengthen the relationships I already have with my loved ones.
  • To have a clear idea of my priorities by the end of the year.
  • To remain focused.
  • To continue being a worthy friend to everyone who already thinks of me as their friend.
  • To read more extensively.
  • To renew my passion for guitar.
  • To survive better in the cold. I’m not kidding.
  • To, well, sing better! (Practice pitching ahaha)

Looking forward to the fireworks tonight/next morning. Let’s hope the 8 minutes will be better than the 10 minutes last year :3

Till the next year guys! Here’s to the new year! *holds up my glass of cider hahah*


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