into the rush now, you don’t have to know how

Entered December without feeling it – like, one moment ago it was still early November and suddenly I’m approaching the end of autumn term.

Which is a good thing though, because that means winter break is coming real soon! Like in slightly more than one week’s time 😀 I’m really tired of this chase and what I really need now is a good break from everything. But before that I have quite a few tests to clear and score well for. Currently I’m in what is probably the most hectic week in the Bioeng year 1 autumn term, with three assessments (two of which are major) in the same week. Fortunately I’ve cleared the (non-assessed) theory quiz on Monday; later on today I’ll be having an oral assessment on labwork, and on Friday I’ll be sitting for a bio test that determines whether I pass the module for this term. So… here’s wishing me and my coursemates best of luck! As usual, I tried my best to prepare as much as possible but it never seems enough; all I can do now is to cross my fingers and hope that I have done enough to tide me through.

In retrospect, a lot had happened in the past month. A hell lot of stuff. Inevitably, I felt like I’ve grown up and become more grounded to reality in the process – which is both good and bad, I suppose. But then again, there’s such a long road ahead of me, there’s seriously no reason for me to give up now.


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