a quick post before sleeping

So tomorrow is my first (formal) test in uni. I’m quite sure I studied enough, but I’m having the annoying and unnerving feeling that I hadn’t actually studied. No matter I’ll just give my best tomorrow and hope that things are in my favour.

Was studying my A level math notes to prepare for the test. Sometimes I realise that the main reason for why I’m still surviving for math now is that most of the content we’re learning, I had learnt before. Imagine if I had only covered the basic commutative and associative laws, and suddenly someone throws vector product + line and plane geometry at me and expect me to know everything within a week. (I took months to learn vectors back in JC!) So I’m thankful, but also fearful – for the many challenges that may arise when I actually start learning new stuff.

And, reading the notes reminds me of my JC days, the days spent mastering everything in the notes I read today. I seriously wonder how I had managed to cram everything in the A level syllabuses into my head – I mean, math was not exactly brain space consuming, wait till you see chem and econs. 😛 How did I manage to learn everything so quickly, and how exactly did I progress from merely passing to getting As for the A levels? I want to find that drive back, to motivate me to study beyond what I’m covering at this pace.

Reading my JC notes also led me to miss my JC life even more. 😦

Ah well, emotions aside. Jiayou for tomorrow! 🙂 First formal assessment in uni, let’s make it a good one.


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