those rare blue sky days

So while slacking in the school com lab I decide to blog a little bit. These few days have been rather normal, nothing much going on. But I did finally travel out of London (to Nottingham) and take loads of photos of nice scenery. And I started work for IC Drama; I don’t like the feeling of being bossed around, but I’m still a rookie so there’s nothing much I can do about this anyway. So all I can do is to do my best, build the sets and do what I’m supposed to till the end of this assignment. After all, I do hope for a successful drama production as well. But the experience I get from drama here is very different from the drama experience I had, and tbh I don’t think I’m suited for this kind of atmosphere.

I guess now I’m entering the stage in uni life when I really need to make tough decisions and rank my priorities very clearly. What exactly do I treasure in my first year here? Is it new personal experiences? Or is it the kind of interpersonal bonds I’m going to establish? How much would I sacrifice to preserve my social network, and how am I going to maintain my bonds with my loved ones back at home while doing all these?

All these call for confidence and a clear hierarchy of choices. But as of now, I’m not confident that I can make the right choices all the time. For now I’m just going step by step and doing what I think is right, while simultaneously praying that I’ll do well for the math test this Friday. (80% pass mark!!)

On another note, I’ve been getting thirsty and going to the toilet more frequently than usual. I know this calls for attention, but so far all the urine tests I’ve taken show that I’m still fine. What’s wrong with me then? Maybe I should just stay away from coffee for a few days and see what happens. Also, this Sunday is Remembrance Day and there’s a remembrance poppy appeal going around. I’ll probably be buying one of those poppy flower pins to support the cause, and also to remind myself who I really am.


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