kimi wo nosete / country roads

Names of the songs I’m listening to now. Goosehouse is simply awesome! Love their simple acoustic style and clean singing voices. 🙂

There’re just so many things I want to do in London and the UK… I want to walk around in the national parks, join the school hiking club and scale mountains + visit some of the most discreet but beautiful natural landscapes in the country. I want to get my rail card done and take the train to everywhere: Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Nottingham… I want to fly via domestic airlines to Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Finland, Greece, Spain, etcetc, to experience life in the different European countries while I can. I want to hop onto the tube some day and go to the outskirts of London (with travel buddies lol), to see what exactly it’s like.

I want to take lots and lots of photos. I want to try the different foods, have tea and cookies at a quiet cafe in some small town, find a small serene bookstore and just read any random but nice book I pick up. I want to learn the basic greetings of each European language. I want to visit my friends’ mutual friends in the different countries.

So what is keeping me away from the things i really want to do?

On a different note, I’m still waiting for the results to be released. Full of suspense… I just want to know if I did it or not. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I will eventually make it into the team.

Life as of now: getting into the rhythm, but it seems abit like a replay of JC, with less CCAs and more cooking lol.


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