Retracing my footsteps as a full-time student; that’s what I’m doing now heheh. First week of lessons proper, and my conclusion is that I seriously have alot of catching up to do. It seems like nine months of no ploughing through lecture notes / doing tutorials really had its toll on me. But no worries, this is just a transition state; very soon the mugger student side of me will resurface! 😀

Uni academic life as of now is really similar to JC life, except the content of the lessons and the number of questions that are asked throughout the lectures. Fortunate thing is that my course hasn’t gotten too tough yet, most of the concepts taught so far are within my grasp. (Except maybe for logic and digital systems which I’ve never had exposure to but hey, I’ll get there soon enough!) But then again, our seniors and tutors often tell us that the learning curve will only get steeper, so it’s really a matter of consistent effort. And being in uni also means that I feel obliged to do alot of self study, especially since I’m midst really motivated coursemates. I’m still trying to drill into myself the fact that I’m taking ownership of my own learning, and I’m slowly getting used to it I guess.

Life here is easily stressful though. Like, coursework due next week? And the wave of mastery tests coming one after another… it’s really like running a marathon. Trying to cope all of it at once. I’m also trying to find the energetic and tireless side of me – seriously I wonder how I managed to juggle my studies and CCAs back in JC? Currently I feel very unmotivated to join much clubs and socs, and I sleep way earlier than I used to and get up way later. Am I growing old and frail HAHA just kidding. I need to find the crazily busy side of me back…

Health wise, this week I somehow kena minor stomach flu, a really sore throat and random cuts on my hands from cooking. (Sainsbury knives are surprisingly sharp zomg.) Not a very pleasant week but I’ll make it through. Now I’m anticipating the proper arrival of autumn though, which means the weather will start becoming the London weather we actually know of.

And somewhere beneath all of that, I still have yet to explore UK and Europe like how I wanted to. Haiz.

Should study a bit and then sleep soon! Sick people need more sleep hehe. 😛


Thank you so much, for the package of love~ ❤


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