a road trip like never before


In less than 8 hours’ time I’ll be airborne and UK-bound! It’s really mixed feelings; when I woke up this morning I was like, “Zomg. It’s not a dream it’s not a dream it’s not a dream…” But it all still seems surreal to me, maybe I need to be there to experience the cold crisp London air before I believe that I’m studying in London HAHA. For sure I’m excited, I want to walk the London streets and experience student life on the other end of the world; but for sure I will miss home and the people here, that have made my life this year / few hours before my flight extremely memorable for me. 🙂

Things I will definitely do when I get to London:

– Eat breakfast at the airport. Big time.

– Buy a heat pack for my hands. So much for cold hands zzz

– Bribe my roommate into helping me with my luggage! (and of course I’ll return the favour by cooking her a meal or smth :D)

– Buy cute plates, bowls, saucepans, frying pans, spoons, rice cooker

– Go to Marks&Spencer and spam their cranberry pies.

– Beat the queue for the uni doctor/bank muahaha.

– Decorate my room noticeboard with all the photos I’m bringing!

– Go for Thames River cruise with my hallmates and take loads of nice photos 🙂

– And after that, skype some really special ppl. 🙂

– Study. I mean it.

Shall wish myself bon voyage and a fruitful 4 years ahead of me! Off for a road trip like never before 🙂


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