four degrees celsius cafe

12345; that’s the number of hits my blog has gotten thus far! Yay nice number (: Anyway I think I have a new goal in life… to live life so that each day is worth blogging about. Aka living an exciting and positive life while appreciating the simple and nice things around me.

Today I was back at my alma mater to visit my juniors at the new cafe they’re managing  (name of the cafe as mentioned in title). To be honest it was smaller than I expected, occupying just the little space in between the end of the bio labs corridor and the staircase leading to a walkway out of school. Plus it was raining quite heavily, so rainwater had started splashing into the alfresco-style cafe.

But I was greeted by the hospitality of my juniors and the pure fun of the cafe managers (: Decided to order a hot mocha (so much for the juniors telling me not to order cold drinks HAHA), and a citrus cake to go along with the chocolate dose.

four degree cafe 1

I have to say, the mocha was really good! The juniors have indeed worked really hard to perfect their coffee art, and from the handcrafted cuppa I got from the cafe bosslady / my junior, I can see the effort paid off. The blend of chocolate and milk was, in my opinion, just about right as well; since I don’t exactly have a sweet tooth, overtly-sweet stuff can be a major turn-off for me, but the mocha here gave me a pleasant surprise (:

The citrus cake was nice as well (: Btw cakes are supplied by Cedele.. today I decided to steer away a little from my usual preference for choc cakes so I tried this out. Mmm ^^

Interesting thing about this cafe: you have to wash your own cutlery after using. Interesting rule I would say!

What really left the greatest impression in me is the juniors. It’s been a while since I last visited my secondary school, and I have more or less forgotten what I was like back then. But today I saw my juniors running around in the rain after closing shop, catching earthworms for the composting bin, splashing water at the teachers when they splashed water at them, set their shoes aside to dry, etc etc. It brought back memories of those days when we were just so passionate in everything we did, so happy and so 无忧无虑. Hope they can remain like this a little while more….

In conclusion, an afternoon well-spent with my juniors (:

Went for dinner with him after that, 2 hours simply seemed too short… looking forward to Saturday already haha. Thanks for the evening yep ^_^

And this is the time when everyone starts knowing their hall allocations. Hopefully I’ll know mine soon! So exciting hahah (: Meanwhile let’s just hope I can register myself on the school E-service system soon.

Should sleep now since I have work tmr… back to work…


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