those halcyon days

Nice meeting an old friend today to watch my sister’s choir musical. In case my sis reads this and couldn’t register what I said to her last night cos she was too tired, to my beloved little sis: I’m so proud of you ^^ you had come such a long way in the performing arts scene, from the moment you joined choir in Sec 1 to taking on a rather important role today during the performance. Continue doing what you love, and remember that you have my support all the way! (:

Some others things I learnt today:

– Interesting how much I changed over the course of half a year. I became “more serious”? Really? O.O But I was quite surprised when he said he had to act serious cos I appeared serious lol. Then again, one hour later I was slowly transiting back to the girl I used to be back in school. So yep, inherently I’m the same person, it’s just that I shield it too well šŸ˜›

– It sounds abit far-fetched at first, but after thinking properly about it I realised he actually sort of created a new way to look at the world :O Then I thought some more; isn’t that how religious theories are created? Wow.

– Classic musicals connect best with the heart and soul at times :3

Long day tomorrow, so I shall go sleep. Basically out the whole day; looking forward to it (:


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