respite from the rapid footsteps

So what did I do within this block leave?

Overseas with Family

Just a very quick escape to Genting with my family, because my mum decided we need some bonding time. Since we have outgrown the theme park rides and indoor arcade games, the main thing we did there was eating 😀 The food was awesome, really; it’s a matter of where you choose to have your meals, and we learnt to choose wisely!

CAM00467        CAM00453

CAM00441        CAM00442

CAM00465        CAM00446

(and I still have more photos of more food ah! Nom nom :D)

Weather there is good, as usual. At least we knew the clouds around us were not haze.


Talked to my parents about alot of stuff, squeezed onto a king-sized bed with my family of 3 other people, coffee sessions with my mum at night etc etc. Simple but blissful moments in life like this (:

Music in the gardens

It all started when we were supposed to go back camp to submit some stuff, and the night before we last-minute decided to try out a guitar-violin collab piece. Long-forgotten score arranging skills activated as well 😛 That eventually led us to spend two days out of our 1-week block leave together, making music and having fun around the western side of Singapore. Knew my AFST friends better, and got to know a new friend (:

998506_10201432994772918_121409972_n       wcp1


(bowling session before the music making)


(sunset at WCP edited with Picasa! so beautiful ^^)

Back to the days when letters were handwritten

Went to the Philatelic Museum with a few other JC friends. Interesting to find out all the jargon behind stamps and mail, plus the cute little models of mailboxes from around the world (: (a pink mailbox specially for love letters, anyone?) Star Wars exhibition didn’t exactly catch my attention because I don’t watch Star Wars, but I was amazed by the expanse of it + how Star Wars has like 600ish characters, some of whom my Star War fan-friends don’t even know of.

For some reason the museum exhibited some stuff from the olden days of Singapore as well. Suddenly I thought it might be interesting to imagine who we could be if we were born into that era instead, and whether we would have met. (Quote my friend: ‘Ah he’d be the one with all the five stones and then he’ll throw them at his friends!’) It was a really random thought, but then again it would be interesting to role-play abit 😛 Would I have been fated to meet whoever I have met in my current life?

On another note, I came to realise how much I miss my JC. Can’t wait to go back to school on 13th July, and say hi to people (:

CAM00482          CAM00485

July will be a very busy month.

I really don’t want to spend the next two weeks worrying… but then again, all I can do now is to prepare myself sufficiently and hope for the best. I had tried my best in OCS; this is the real last lap, and I’m going to give my 110% no matter what.


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