Ahaha so I spent a good part of my block leave at chalet with a bunch of awesome people from all walks of life! 😀

– Reached Downtown East at 4pm plus/minus on Wednesday. Someone was fashionably late as usual…

– Tried to use random card as substitute for key card but failed lol

– Realised that the couches could be expanded to become beds

– Watched Sherlock Holmes, ended up with some of us concussing on the bed o.o

– Went out to walk around in the night, sat next to beach and HTHT-ed. A group of policemen and policewomen came to us and asked for our ICs, they totally tio stunned when they saw mine 😛 Ended up having some discussion on army life.

– Back at chalet to play cards, = witnessing Alexa’s epic card-playing gestures! Bridge had never been this entertaining before XD

– I slept first because I had an interview the next day. Heard the guys singing army songs lullaby-style, which totally had the opposite effect XD

– Woke up at 6+ with a super itchy arm cos of all the mosquito bites. Went back to sleep and woke up again at 7+

– Breakfast at macs. Left for interview soon after.

– Reached NUS at 12.15pm, wayy before the allocated interview timing. Sat at the cafe at Engineering building (which used to be the cafe in my school! :O) and tried to find articles on bioengineering + defence.

– Got called in for interview at 1.50-ish, turned out to be a massive interrogation on 1. why I applied for a double-degree, and 2. why I’m in the army.

– Finished interview at 2.20pm feeling super screwed. Wandered around and got lost until 3pm.

– Back at Downtown East at 4+pm. Dinner + bowling after that. Screwed up epicly at first (5 gutters in a row wth) but quantum leapt in the second game! And with Alexa’s qigong + ZX’s ‘L-shape’ which only works half the time! XD

– Watched Perks of Being A Wallflower while talking to 3 people on fb chat lol. Then slept while listening to music.

– Woke up earlier to run, got epicly lost in Pasir Ris park.

– Came back for breakfast. By then the other girls had left so we started talking about army postings.

– Helped the guys return bikes.

– Came back. And going out again in 1 hour’s time…

Time to start packing my duffel bag rawr. Before that, nice songs are worth sharing! 🙂


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