a heartbeat never sounded so beautiful before


Watched Warm Bodies yesterday with… no not any guyfriend, but my family. Admittedly the gore at the start of the movie was abit too much for me to endure. But towards the end, I must say, the storyline and acting were plain beautiful. So pure, it brought tears to my eyes. (The picture above really represents my view on the movie!)

It led me to think about myself, my loved ones and my (abit non-existent) love life. Sometimes it just takes that heartbeat to bring a person back from the depths of desolation; abit of love to bring out the light in a cold and hard person. While I wait for the special one in my life, I shall continue giving bits of my own love and spreading the warmth around, so that hopefully others will do the same to me. Actually there are guyfriends giving me bits and pieces of warmth, some in larger portions than others. But I’m still looking out for that one guy whom I can selflessly and fearlessly share my warmth with..

On another note, losing 6kg in the form of body fat is no joke. I have come to the point where I can wear my jeans without having to unbutton it first. Good and bad at the same time eh? Bad thing is that I need to revamp my wardrobe LOL.


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