inner child!


Singapore skyline? Haha close enough, this was taken at the Mini World in Legoland! Yep I was at Legoland with a few other friends, to get in touch with our inner child 😀

Feels good to play with lego all over again. All the matching of different-coloured lego bricks, refusing to use the yellow ones because I don’t like yellow (lol), stacking them in an artistic manner, ‘oh dear my tower is turning into a boat’… hahah (:

DSCF7920                 DSCF7934

(think my camera exposure was too high. But yay it has abit of the DSLR feel)

And the roller coasters! I think this was actually my first time on a full-scale roller coaster (previous times were on mini ones), and most of the time my head was down 😛 It was fun nonetheless (: (‘Again again again again!’)


(We conquered this thing!)

And then, reunion with friends. Some are quite close, some are not so close… but still we had a great time together. (:


Had a great day! But now I’m a lobster. Shoulders burning from the sunburn, lolol. -Brings out Red Indian mini lego model-


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