life as an 无业游民

Is quite enjoyable, although I’m not really used to it. 😛

Haha I won’t be exactly idling around either. What was supposed to be my stay-at-home day is actually all the time I have left to prepare for USP interview and internship presentation – all of which are tomorrow :O And then it’ll be Legoland trip on Saturday yayay 😀 大扫除, prep for CNY, lots of shopping to do… and from Valentines’ Day onwards, I’ll be employed again 😛

Shall just take a good break these three weeks, while catching up with general things. Like current affairs and possibly a headstart in bioengineering. To all my friends who’re currently working, JIAYOUS 😀

A song I listened to super long ago. Aiyo what’s with me flipping out all the old songs… but it never fails to trance me, yep.


ISYF D&D tonight. Shall wear nice dress and put some light makeup… while I still have the chances to do so. Haha.


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