these days

It seems like quite a number of friends are making their blogs private these days. It feels weird… like losing the ticket for entry into the depths of their lives. Not exactly like a door closed in your face, more like a door that autolocked when you forgot to keep it open.

First batch of interns finished work yesterday. Suddenly I realise how much I’ll miss them… it took me quite a while to open up to them, and a few weeks later *poof* they’re gone. I need a new left-side tablemate haha. And someone talkative to keep the interns’ area noisy! :O Then again, I only have 2 days of work left… gosh I’ll miss dabaoing lunch to pantry and talking rubbish with them 😦

2 days of work left. Must make it worthwhile!

And and, I picked up my guitar again. Feels great 😀 I shall aim to get those familiar calluses back on my fingers.


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