dominion (sleep version?)

Was playing dominion online with friends last night, and joking about how my friend “discards” and “trashes” his blanket in his sleep lol.

That led me to think of what cards there might be in a dominion game set based on the theme of sleep. I suppose it would turn out quite troll… for example, the estates, duchies and provinces might be represented by dreams, good dreams and wonderful dreams respectively. Gold coins would be undisturbed sleep, and 安眠药 would be an action card. (Haha blanket can be action card too ^^ and snatching of blanket would be another action card.) Then curses would be nightmares. And witches/sea hags would be horror movies before bedtime.


Haiz, must have been sleeping in some weird position last night… neck hurting like crap today. Owww.

Will try to finish my internship report by today!



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