new year resolutions for 2013

Just thought that I might as well copy over my new year resolutions, as a personal reminder. (Livejournal Import isn’t working, bleh.)

My real resolutions for this year. I shall do this properly (:

1) To find out what I really want.
2) To have a great start at whichever uni I get into!
3) To treasure my family and old friends, while knowing new, worthy friends (:
4) To improve my guitar skills.
5) To stop being so fleeting in my responses to stimuli.
6) To learn some form of self-defence.
7) To read more extensively.
8) To find a person whom I can really rely on. A guy. HAHAH
9) To be a better listener whom ppl can rely on. (sounds like domino but aiya nvm)
10) To fulfill my role in SAYES exco and organise more exciting things πŸ˜€
11) To keep track of appointments more regularly!
12) To accept my A level results, regardless of how it turns out.
13) Last but not least, to come back to Hwa Chong for MAF! πŸ˜€

Yep jiayous!


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